'Takers' Star Idris Elba Reveals Secret To Being A Beloved Bad Guy

'I bring a twinkle, like he's smiling all the time,' actor tells MTV News.

A few weeks ago, Idris Elba was in Beverly Hills, sitting next to Hayden Christensen, who played one of the most iconic movie bad guys of all time: Darth Vader. When it comes to memorable desperados, however, Elba has more than his share of experience.

While fans feared Vader and cheered for his demise, Elba played one of the most-loved baddies in the past decade: Stringer Bell, the street-savvy master manipulator from "The Wire." In his new film "Takers" — which also stars Christensen, T.I., Paul Walker, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown — Elba is back at it as Gordon Jennings, the leader of a crew of bank robbers. But once again, you will cheer for him.

As Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez's detectives get hot on the Takers' trail, you'll find yourself eating popcorn, drinking your soft drink and keeping your fingers crossed that crime really pays off for the villains. So what's Elba secret for making fans back his roles when he's on the wrong side of the law? It's all in the eyes.

"There's something about gangsters or criminals that can look you in the eye," he told MTV News. "I always try to implement that into my characters. When me and Tip are doing a standoff, I'm looking him dead in the eye. As always, with Gordon, I bring a twinkle, like he's smiling all the time. He's got a Caribbean feel to him. I think audiences warm to that with the bad guy."

"Takers" hit theaters Friday (August 27). Elba, who's also a DJ, announced on Twitter that his "Takers" mixtape is done.

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