Raekwon Premieres Video Trailer For ODB Tribute 'Ason Jones'

'Yo, let's toast to the fallen, lost, forgotten,' Rae raps in the clip.

The [artist id="1025"]Wu-Tang Clan[/artist]'s [artist id="1190"]Raekwon[/artist] is set to release a video for "Ason Jones," his tribute number to fallen group member [artist id="1110"]Ol' Dirty Bastard[/artist]. The track is from Rae's critically acclaimed Only Built for Cuban Linx ... Pt. II album, released last year. On Thursday, Rae released a trailer for the forthcoming video on YouTube.

"Yo, let's toast to the fallen, lost, forgotten," Raekwon raps in the clip, over views of New York and images of ODB. "If n----s can hear me, then roll up some broccoli/ Ason, the heart of a lion, a purified mind/ The way he did it with a mic and some wine/ I would never forget the day we used to sit back/ Days I be all up in the crib, listening, holding, align him/ And yo, I just miss this n---a."

Earlier this month, Raekwon spoke to MTV News about ODB and what it would be like performing the Wu's seminal debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) without the animated and talented MC.

"Dirty had given us the energy booster that we need to believe that we are the best," Rae explained. "I still think about him. ... I think as I'm getting a little older, I'm getting a little more sensitive in certain places when it comes to my brother being gone.

"It's gonna be fun to get out here and represent and talk about him and see all them fans go crazy because they love Dirty," he added. "They love Dirty so much, I know for a fact that when them records come on, they're gonna go crazy."

There's no scheduled date for the video premiere as of press time.