Cee-Lo's New Song Is Easy On The Ears, Heavy On The Language

Motown throwback 'F--- You' is gaining Internet buzz despite its explicit lyrics.

Four years ago, [artist id="1163841"]Cee-Lo[/artist] scored big with his [artist id="2122478"]Gnarls Barkley[/artist] hit song "Crazy," but now the singer is sending a different message, one that may be a little too hard to sing in public. With his new song "F--- You," the R&B singer is keeping blogs buzzing.

On the first single from his new solo album, The Lady Killer, Cee-Lo convincingly tells off his money-hungry ex-girlfriend and the man with the larger pockets who took her away. Despite being kicked to the curb, the soul singer holds his head high and turns the tale of a scorned man into a happy-go-lucky track with his charismatic voice. The song was produced by the Smeezingtons (the writing and production trio of Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine).

"See you driving 'round town with the girl I love/ And I'm like, f--- you!/ Oo, oo, ooo/ I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough/ I'm like, f--- you!/ And f--- her too!" the 36-year-old sings.

Entertainment Weekly described the track as "beyond fantastic" with its "hilarious contrast to the really, really salty language and creative lyrics," while Pitchfork marveled at the track saying, "It's beyond happy. Cathartic. It could be the new 'Sesame Street' theme. It could play at a wedding, and your grandmother would hobble to it. It's post-censorship."

Others, including Prefixmag.com, pondered how the track will be able to succeed with the restrictions imposed by its explicit chorus. "It's easy to imagine the folks at Cee-Lo's label tearing their hair out as they realize that this potential hit will hit some fairly insurmountable stumbling blocks when people are affronted by the title," the magazine said.

With all the blogosphere praise, the singer took to Twitter to thank fans for all their early support. "Oyea, a bit of history has been made with "f--- you" I'm equally amazed :) yall help put your people (me) on top where I belong! and I'll rep till the death," he tweeted on Sunday.

Cee-Lo will reportedly release the song's official video next week, but until then listeners will have to settle for the song's lyric video, which was uploaded on the singer's official YouTube page. 'F--- You' will be available for download October 4.

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