Lil Wayne 'Lectures' Drake, Bow Wow To Avoid Prison

'This ain't built for cats like us ... You and Drizzy stay clean,' Bow says Weezy advised during a visit to Rikers.

Lil Wayne's daily prison routine reportedly consists of mundane activities like watching ESPN and chatting on the phone. Despite his seemingly laid-back schedule, the Young Money/ Cash Money leader has cautioned his protégés to steer clear of trouble. Jail is no place for successful rappers, according to Wayne. During a visit to the incarcerated MC, Bow Wow, who joined Weezy's camp last year, said Wayne urged him and Young Money star Drake to stay on their best behavior.

"One thing he told me when I went to visit him, he was like ... 'Bow, this ain't for us, this ain't it. This ain't built for cats like us. They don't understand us, we don't understand them. Don't do it man, just stay out of trouble. You and Drizzy, y'all stay clean, y'all stay doing what y'all do. Y'all can do this forever,' " Bow Wow told Houston's 97.9 The Box. "I knew he meant it, [because] Tune never lectures me like that ... but he was serious."

The 23-year-old rapper said that seeing Wayne locked up was a "humbling experience" and recalled hanging with Weezy before his prison stint.

"In our studio, it's my room ... then Stunna's room then Wayne's room. I'm so used to seeing the Bugatti pull up, I'm so used to ... going over Wayne's house and the chef is always cooking," Bow Wow said. "You don't like seeing your boy like that," Bow lamented.

Similar to how Wayne doled out advice to Bow, the young rapper said he looks out for another member of the extended Young Money/ Cash Money collective: Nicki Minaj.

Bow Wow, who stars in the comedy "Lottery Ticket," almost scored the hip-hop diva a role in the summer flick.

"To be honest, Nicki was close to being [the character] 'Nikki' in the movie. I called Nicki and said, 'Yo, I think you should audition for this role.' " Unfortunately, Bow's bid to get Minaj some screen time was unsuccessful: The part eventually went to R&B vixen Teairra Mari. "I thought [Minaj] did good, but unfortunately you know how things don't work out."

Fans won't catch Minaj on the big screen in "Lottery Ticket" but Bow Wow said a big tour featuring Weezy's hitmaking squad will go down once Wayne comes home.

"When he gets out, we definitely plan on this Young Money/ Cash Money tour," Bow said. "[The tour will feature] myself, Nicki, Drizzy, Wayne and the whole entire family."

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