Joe Jonas Receives A Timely Present For His 21st Birthday

Pop star recieves James Bond-inspired watch instead of a dog.

Joe Jonas may have wanted a dog for his 21st birthday, but even huge stars can't get everything. Instead, he had to settle on a James Bond-inspired Omega watch.

"I got this watch ... It's James Bond's watch," Joe proudly told MTV News on Wednesday (August 18) at the New York premiere of "Camp Rock 2." "It shoots lasers out of it for certain people," he added.

The day before his August 15 birthday, Joe had a mini-surprise party thrown for him on stage at a show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. How did he spend the day itself? Relaxing: "[I celebrated] with family and friends," he said. "It was awesome. We sat by the pool and hung out."

Joe seemed genuinely pleased with his watch, although when he performed with his brothers on "Good Morning America", he still seemed to really want that dog. "Besides a dog, I don't know," he said when asked about his birthday wishes. "That's all I kind of wanted. I don't know [what we're going to do to celebrate]. These guys are not telling me what they're doing."

Perhaps his 22nd birthday will deliver him a pooch.

What do you think of Joe's birthday present? Were you surprised he didn't get a dog?