Young Jeezy Explains Why He Picked Plies And Yo Gotti For New LP

'You heard of them, but you don't know them,' he tells MTV News of working with the lesser-known MCs.

Young Jeezy might rock microphones alongside Jay-Z, but the Georgia rapper isn't ready to be exactly like the Brooklyn icon just yet.

The Def Jam star featured a pair of less-heralded acts in Plies ("Lose My Mind") and Yo Gotti ("All White Everything") for two of the first three singles from his forthcoming Thug Motivation 103. The Snowman said he tapped the Southern artists not only to put the spotlight on both of them, but also to show his new fans — who might not be familiar with his mixtape work — where he comes from.

"Me and Gotti kind of came up at the same time," Jeezy told MTV News. "But I respected his grind just as well as he respected mine. Same thing with Plies. We kind of cover the same routes with what we do. Of course I've sold records in other places, but I don't ever want to forget. 'Cause I was always that cat trying to get to the next level, and no one lent their hand out. I had to grind my way up. So I feel like the big homie, like, 'Come on, y'all, let me show you over here.' Just as well as showing the people over here who don't understand why I act the way I act, this is what I come from. And look who I'm bringing with me? You heard of them, but you don't know them. But now you know them."

Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103 is set for a September 28 release. In addition to the two aforementioned singles, Jeezy has also released the Lil Jon collaboration "Jizzle."

He also recently put out a mixtape, 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1, which featured the track "Death B4 Dishonor," a song seemingly directed at Rick Ross. Jeezy, however, denied the charge, saying the record is "not a dis."

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