'American Idol' Fans Want Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain As Judges

'Idol' followers also name Harry Connick Jr. and Steven Tyler as good picks to judge the 10th season.

"American Idol" fans are very opinionated when it comes to the judging panel.

Auditions for the 10th season are in full swing, but as the Fox hit continues to comb the country for new talent, producers still have not confirmed a final lineup of judges. Fans waiting to check out the American Idols Live! Tour in Los Angeles on Friday (August 13), offered suggestions about who should dish out feedback when the next season kicks off.

"Gene Simmons would have been amazing," George Garcia told MTV News. "Howard Stern too because Howard Stern [has] that mouth." Garcia said that Jennifer Lopez, a much-rumored addition to the "Idol" panel, could have added "flavor, but I heard she was asking for outrageous stuff."

Diane Emerson is rooting for onetime mentor Harry Connick Jr. to return to the show as a permanent judge.

"When he helped them be a mentor, he helped them so much, each and every one of them," Emerson said. "He knew what he was talking about and I think he should become a judge."

Chloe Coleman is on Team J. Lo and said, "Jennifer Lopez would be interesting."

Kayla Erath said Lopez' star power would mean an uptick in viewers. "I think it would be cool if J. Lo's on it because she's really famous and a lot more people will watch if another famous person is on it."

Sarah Garman said that she's down to have Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler join the amateur talent behemoth "to add a little rock [to] it." "That'd be hilarious," Garman smiled. Her pal Jill Davy added, "Yeah, I think they need some rock and roll."

The ladies also said they were up for another buzzed-about singer, Shania Twain, to take a seat at the judges' table. Garman mentioned that Shania would bring "a little country, a little twang," to the competition. Davy also pointed out that Twain, who appeared as a guest judge on the ninth season, already has experience. "Shania's done it before," said Davy.

Chloe Song said that the folks behind "Idol" would probably do well with any of the big-name celebs that have been mentioned as possible additions to the show.

"I think Steven Tyler, Shania Twain and J. Lo are all really well-known singers so I think they'll have really good thoughts and opinions on the 'American Idol' contestants," Song said.

Amanda Slater didn't single out one person in particular but insisted that "Idol" needs someone with the same blunt approach to giving feedback as former judge Simon Cowell.

"I think it needs to be someone that can be harsh like Simon," Slater said. "Otherwise [the show is] too nice. Simon gave the real answers. He was tough but it was needed."

Danielle Slater said that whoever joins the panel next, needs to know what he or she is talking about. "[The show needs] somebody that's good with music [and has] a lot of experience," Danielle said.

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