Foxy Brown Testifies Before Grand Jury

'It feels so good to tell the truth,' Brooklyn MC says after giving testimony related to her July arrest.

[artist id="1073"]Foxy Brown[/artist] testified before a grand jury on Wednesday about charges stemming from her arrest last month in Brooklyn over an argument with a neighbor. Foxy has a history of feuding with the neighbor, Arlene Raymond, dating back to 2007.

According to the New York Daily News, Foxy was interviewed for three hours about the incident.

In July, the Brooklyn femcee was arrested after a dispute with Raymond. The rapper reportedly had to be restrained from the woman; a police report also suggested Foxy flashed the neighbor with her backside. No decision was made after Wednesday's testimony, but Brown could be slapped with a felony charge for violating a restraining order Raymond obtained after her initial spat with Foxy three years ago.

Foxy spoke to MTV News after her first court appearance late last month and firmly denied the allegations.

"I was on my way to rehearsal with my band and I was leaving my mom's house in Park Slope, [Brooklyn], where I always go; that's the home that I was born in," she said. "And the police came and they saw the situation and there wasn't any conflict or discord — they were really baffled. But a supervisor came and saw the [potential for] publicity. If my name was Keisha Brown and not Foxy Brown, I would have been let go."

After she exited the Brooklyn court house Wednesday, Foxy told members of the media gathered outside that she hopes the actual account of the incident will be heard.

"It feels so good to tell the truth," she said. "This thing has been such a nightmare."

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