Miguel Hopes To Get On 'All I Want Is You' Partner J. Cole's Album

'The album is what I would describe as being 'eclec-tric,' ' R&B singer tells Mixtape Daily of his own debut.

Fire Starter: Miguel

Miguel is bringing sex appeal and soul with his new video for "All I Want Is You." The track features J. Cole, and the new singer said he's more than willing to return the favor for the Roc Nation rapper.

"I remember talking to ['All I Want Is You' producer] Salam [Remi] and him saying, 'Just be honest,' " Miguel said about the song's lyrics. "I'm excited about it. I didn't get to be in the studio with J. Cole. I recorded the song, and Mark Pitts at Jive — who happens to be a part of J. Cole's management as well — I remember the call. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, and Mark called me like, 'Yo, it's crazy! I'mma play it for Cole.' He played it for him, and Cole said he liked it. I'm looking forward to getting on [Cole's] forthcoming album, hopefully. Maybe."

Miguel dropped Mischief: The Mixtape awhile back, and it got picked up by hip-hop blogs such as 2DopeBoyz.com. The standout record was "Sure Thing," which helped him get his record deal. "All I Want Is You" is the name of his debut album as well as his lead single and video.

"The video was really dope," he said. "The director worked with me on the treatment. It was really his concept on the treatment, but I sent him some references, and he did a really good job at putting it together and making sure it was smart, but it wasn't too smart. We wanted to have some nostalgic qualities, a hip-hop base, but still wanted to give it an edgy flair."

Miguel said he's been influenced by Prince and Queen but grew up listening to the kings of rap as well.

"The album is what I would describe as being 'eclec-tric,' " he said. "It's in tone with keeping hip-hop as a base, because that's what I grew up on, but including and infusing styles such as classic rock and funk. I think people will be excited to hear how we mix that together."

The All I Want Is You album comes out September 14.

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