Mark Wahlberg Would Only Rap Again If Justin Bieber Asked Him

'I'd do that for my daughter,' Wahlberg said of a possible collaboration with the teen idol.

It's been nearly two decades since Mark Wahlberg last released any music under the name Marky Mark. He hangs with a different kind of funky bunch now that he's a certifiable Hollywood star, and he's pretty much given up on going back behind the mic — although that could change if Justin Bieber, who is already pals with the likes of Diddy, Drake and Usher, comes calling.

"No. Not a chance," the star of "The Other Guys" initially responded to a reader who asked if he'd ever return to the rap world. But then he softened a bit: "Actually, I'll take that back. If Justin Bieber asked me, I'd do that for my daughter. She loves me to death, but she doesn't think I'm very cool, so that might turn it around."

Wahlberg's reluctance to return to the hip-hop world is rooted a bit in his focus on acting. "Before Will Smith, most musicians who made movies were awful," he explained. "When I decided to go into acting, I definitely wanted to make people forget about my music career."

While he's not keen to jump back on the mic anytime soon, Wahlberg's biggest regret has nothing to do with his rap career. "The one thing I will say [that I regret] is that stupid book I did [the 1992 memoir 'Marky Mark'] that I dedicated to my penis," he said. "I was trying to be funny and sarcastic. Of course, it's something I get asked about all the time now."

Although he's feeling shy about that particular life choice, it doesn't seem to bother Bieber, who tweeted, "The Other Guys....haha...thanks Will for the one liners and Mark let's make that rap song soon."

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