Katy Perry Lives Her 'Teenage Dream' At Teen Choice Awards

Pop star performs latest single, dresses as high school characters and wins two surfboards during hosting gig.

In a giant outline of a neon-lit heart, [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] stood still as she began to sing the lyrics of her latest single "Teenage Dream." Opening the 2010 Teen Choice Awards with a flashy performance of her feel-good song was just the first step in jump-starting the show, which she hosted alongside the guys of "Glee" on Sunday.

"I'mma get your heart racing/ In my skintight jeans/ Be your teenage dream tonight," Perry sang a cappella inside the flashing red heart. Screens filled with falling white drops filled the set as a duo of cheerleaders dashed behind the singer. When the chorus kicked in, Perry ran to the center of the smoky stage. Dangling in front of a towering boxed cage, Perry later joined her dancers for some loose choreography as the stage turned dark with an array of extras dressed as high school stereotypes, including jocks, cheerleaders and hippies. In a dramatic ending, the dancers left the singer solo as she raised her right hand and a shower of fireworks sprinkled over her.

"Welcome to my teenage dream come true: the Teen Choice Awards 2010!" she screamed to the roaring audience.

"Teenage Dream" took a whole new meaning during the singer's gig as host of the awards show, which aired Monday night (August 9). The pop star took the opportunity to turn back the hands of time and play desired high school characters with "Glee" boys Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling.

"Look at how handsome these boys are tonight. I kind of feel really popular, like the popular girl in high school," she told the audience. "Tonight is my chance to go back to high school," the pop star said in a sparkly, strapless minidress.

"Do I want a sexy jock or do I want a sexy geek? But why do I have to pick just one? I insisted that all of you guys be here tonight to host with me," Perry said as she stood in between a line of "Glee" gentlemen.

Whether it was a forcefully hostile cheerleader who didn't know her chant or a bug-eyed goth chick with enough fishnets and accessories to last her the entire school year, Perry's hosting talents proved comical. But her variety of costumes shouldn't be too surprising, as the singer hinted to MTV News back in June that "there's a lot of Velcro involved. But it'll be fun."

In addition to her hosting duties, the singer also visited the podium to accept surfboards ("Choice Music: Single" and "Choice Summer Music Song") for West Coast anthem "California Gurls." She later took to Twitter to celebrate her award, writing, "Oh my goth I won a surfboard."

If you can't get enough of Perry, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the release of her new video for "Teenage Dream" premiering Tuesday.

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