Lil Wayne Has Just '94 Days Left' On Prison Sentence, Says Birdman

Cash Money founder counts down to Wayne's becoming a free man.

Warning to all rival rappers: Incarcerated MC Lil Wayne has just 90 days until he's a free man.

This past Friday, Cash Money founder Birdman revealed that the label's flagship artist is just three months shy of completing his sentence on Rikers Island, where he's been housed at the prison's Eric M. Taylor unit on felony weapons charges since early March.

"Just came from seeing the young n---a on the Island," said an ecstatic Birdman. "94 days left, bitch!"

MTV News got an exclusive clip of Birdman, alongside Cash Money act Bow Wow, who were both making their way out of New York en route to Miami to put the finishing touches on Bow's CM debut. While boarding their private jet, Bow Wow unleashed a special gift he'd been holding on to for his boss.

"I got something for Stunna," Bow said while reaching into his backpack to retrieve the gift. "Sh-- ain't even out yet." "It don't even come out for another two weeks."

"So I want to present the big homey with that thang," Bow said as he handed Birdman a freshly minted copy of the upcoming EA Sports "John Madden 2011" video game. "That sh-- doesn't come out until August 11" Bow laughed.

"My son is gonna wig out," a surprised Birdman responded. "I'm about to send my son a picture of this. Give it to lil' Brian."

The entire segment is just one of many available on the upcoming DJ Scoob Doo DVD "Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition," featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, Jadakiss and Birdman. Fans can pre-order the DVD at