Justin Bieber's 3-D Biopic: Five Things We Want To See

From home movies to a behind-the-scenes trip to the hair salon, MTV News has a big-screen wish list.

By the time Justin Bieber's 3-D biopic arrives in theaters on Valentine's Day 2011, the pop star will be just two weeks shy of his 17th birthday. But don't you dare say it's too early for a retrospective of the guy's life, because as the Bieber Nation knows, their floppy-haired object of affection has lived a hectic life packed with music, travel and trying to fulfill the hopes and dreams of tweens the world over.

The task for Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim will be to choose the juiciest moments from Bieber's life to re-enact, which he will then intersperse with concert footage. With so much Bieber biography to choose from, here are five moments we hope, for the sake of his fans, make it into the film.

Home Movies

We know the biopic will combine re-enacted scenes from Bieber's life with footage from his concerts. But how will we get a glimpse even further back into his young life? Home videos! We're hoping Guggenheim hauls out some gems: Bieber at his first birthday party, Bieber getting his first haircut or Bieber learning to play guitar.

A Trip to the Salon?

Bieber has already told MTV News how he styles his hair every day, but fans are going to want to see how that 'do is actually snipped and clipped into the moppy glory his fans know and love. During some pre-concert downtime, we fully expect Guggenheim to capture Bieber heading to the salon so fans can see the creative act for themselves.

The Original YouTube Video

By now, it's become Bieber lore: His mom uploaded his first YouTube video, in 2007, after the young singer performed in a local singing competition. What we'd like to see are the hours before and after that initial posting. Did he try to convince his mom not to do it? Did he stress over page views after it went online? Here is where Bieber will get to show off some acting chops, as he frets and sweats during the first hours of his public singing career.

Bieber's Initial Meetings

Bieber-ites the world over know the story about his first steps toward a record deal, but now we want to see it played out onscreen: those initial talks with Justin Timberlake and Usher. We want to see it all, from Bieber chatting with these pop heavyweights, then flying down to Atlanta to record demos to eventually signing with Island Records. There's real dramatic potential here, so we're hoping Guggenheim focuses on this period and that Bieber can deliver a true emotional payoff.

The First Lonely Girl

"The one thing I do when I get to every city is find one less lonely girl," Bieber told the crowd at Hartford, Connecticut's XL Center recently, during the opening show of his latest tour.

He's not lying, as any attendee to one of his concerts knows. But how did he come up with this rather brilliant concept? Let's zoom in on that first lonely girl brought up onstage. How did Bieber come up with the idea? When did we know he'd make it a veritable concert franchise? And how might all the tweens out there get a shot at being handed a bouquet of roses as Bieber serenades them in front of thousands of screaming fans?

What parts of Justin's story do you think should make it to the big screen? Tell us in the comments!