Chris Evans Says There'll Be Comedy In 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

'We're not cracking jokes, but they did find a way to add humor,' film's star says.

Ever since the big announcement that "Captain America: The First Avenger" was in motion and its star, Chris Evans, was in place, movie and comic book fans alike have been chomping at the bit for as much information about the movie as they can get their eyes and ears on.

When the soon-to-be star-spangled superhero himself stopped by our Comic-Con live stream recently, we not only learned about his costumes, his reservations about taking on the role and the relationship between Cap and Bucky, but also what tone the film will have compared with previous comic book adaptations, like Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" and Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight."

Evans promised fans that "America" will be in line with both the comic and recent comic book movies. "The nature of comic book movies in general — look at ['X-Men Origins:] Wolverine,' you have swords coming out of a guy's knuckles, it's all a bit fantastical," he said. "It's about a good script, a good director, finding a way to ground it in reality, even if it is a bit dreamlike."

Evans added that consistency is key in keeping fans invested. "As long as you stay consistent, you can get the audience to commit in the beginning and go for the ride, I think they'll jump onboard and not try and burn holes in our consistency."

Regarding the definitive tone of "America," Evans said there is a healthy combination of comedy and drama, and that it will have a distinctive "shine" to it.

"They did mix in some good comedy," Evans revealed. "It's not comedy on the nose, we're not cracking jokes, but they did find a way to add humor." As far as the look of the film is concerned, however, Evans referred to a conversation he had about it with director Joe Johnston.

"I definitely asked Joe, what kind of gloss are we going for here? Is this going to have the kind of 'Spider-Man,' 'Fantastic Four' shine? He said it's not going to be that glossy, not that colorful, but we're not going as dark as something like 'Batman.' "

"I think it will be a nice happy medium," Evans added. "I think the world of 'Iron Man' was done really well. It stayed grounded in reality and yet still stayed true to the fact that it's a comic book movie, so it does have to have some life to it."

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