'Green Hornet' Faced 'Every Possible Obstacle,' Seth Rogen Says

'I think I wasn't in the movie for a few weeks,' Rogen laughs about film's many setbacks.

"Things are kind of up in the air right now," Seth Rogen told MTV News in March of 2009, as preproduction on "Green Hornet" stumbled through a series of mishaps.

This was after Stephen Chow ditched directorial duties — plus a starring role as sidekick Kato — and Michel Gondry swooped into helm the picture. Things would go on to get even trickier when Nicolas Cage left the cast last fall, and in April the film's release was pushed back until January 2011 to allow for a 3-D conversion.

It was a nutty process for star and co-writer Rogen — so much so that he can now joke about how he almost lost the Hornet role himself.

"I think I wasn't in the movie for a few weeks," he laughed at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, before going on to admit that the process of getting the movie made was far more challenging than he initially expected.

"It was exponentially more difficult, but the fact that we all hung in there and kept working on it is a testament to the fact that we really like it and that ultimately we all kept thinking it was worthwhile and the idea was good enough to keep plowing forward with," he explained.

"Every possible obstacle came in our way at one point or another, to the point that it really just got ridiculous, but we kept saying we really love the movie, we really believe in the idea, this is our chance to do something like this, and we just got to keep trying to charge it forward," he continued.

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