Lindsay Lohan's Jail Time Is 'A Great Opportunity To Save Her Life,' Stephanie Pratt Says

'I have all the hope in the world for her,' 'Hills' star says about the starlet.

On Monday, Lindsay Lohan began the jail sentence she'll serve before heading off to court-mandated rehab. And "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt, who was in a similar situation (although she spent just a few hours in jail), has some advice for the starlet: Use the time to get your life together.

"I don't really know what's fair, since obviously I didn't go to law school or anything like that, but instead of concentrating on 'is this fair?,' I just think that she needs to take responsibility for her actions," Pratt told MTV News. "The reason that she's in jail is because of actions that she did herself."

Pratt said that instead of looking at herself as a victim, Lohan needs to see this as a chance to empower herself. "I think she should really look at this as a great opportunity to save her life, first of all, and really have a great comeback," Pratt explained. "I think this is really a great thing for her. I know for me, every bad thing that happened to me turned into great opportunity. And I think if she takes responsibility for messing up and makes the decision to go on the high road to get her act together, she'll be so surprised at all of the great things that God will bring her."

That positive thinking paid off for Pratt. "After my DUI, I took the high road instead of spiraling. I was just like, 'This is not forever. It's a couple days, weeks, whatever,' and what I really realized is that I was being tested. I was on trial and how I acted would determine my future," she explained. "Basically, I went on the high road, and I've been blessed this whole year. I couldn't even imagine how great my life got. So, I have all the hope in the world for her."

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