Mel Gibson's Lawyer To Meet With Police Next Week

Actor is being investigated for domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

As the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department continues its domestic violence investigation of Mel Gibson, the actor's lawyer is reportedly set to meet with police on the matter.

According to, the site that has released a series of disturbing audio recordings in which Gibson unleashes obscene rants on his ex-girlfriend, the meeting is slated to happen next week.

"The plan is for Mel's lawyer to meet with investigators from the Sheriff's department next week," an unidentified source close to the case told the site. "It won't be happening this week because of scheduling issues."

Gibson, 54, is being investigated on domestic violence charges after former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, 40, mother of their 8-month-old baby, filed a complaint with law enforcement on July 5 alleging that he attacked her earlier this year.

So far, Gibson has reportedly not been interviewed by law enforcement officers in the case. "There is a lot more to this investigation that Mel's lawyer will be giving to law enforcement," the source said, declining to elaborate on the details of what the attorney may offer, but hinting that it could help the actor, whose already battered public image has taken a serious blow in light of the racist, sexist invective on the various snippets of tape that have emerged so far.

An unnamed law enforcement source told Radar that the investigation is proceeding quickly and that information could be handed over to the district attorney's office by the end of the month. Grigorieva has claimed that Gibson knocked out two of her front teeth and threatened to kill her several times. She said she taped the conversations because she was afraid for her life. The D.A. will have to determine whether there is enough evidence to charge Gibson with a crime.

Gibson's spokesperson has offered a "no comment" on the tapes — though he has not denied that the voice heard on them is Gibson — and the actor has not yet made any public statement about their contents.