LeBron James Gets Love From Game, Bow Wow, Trey Songz

Former Cavaliers star's decision to head to the Miami Heat is defended by these artists and others.

LeBron James' announcement that he's taking his formidable skills to the Miami Heat has prompted many in the hip-hip community to voice their opinions via Twitter.

When news of the NBA star's decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the southern team hit, a few hip-hop tweeters were downright shocked. CNN's Noreaga typed, "Lebron Dang man!!!" Detroit MC Big Sean tweeted "Miami?!!" and seemed a trifle upset that 'Bron decided against staying in the Midwest, adding "should of went to the bulls."

But Ohio hip-hop stars like [artist id="1219435"]Bow Wow[/artist] had nothing but e-love for James. "People kill me hating on somebody making decisions to better THEY life," Bow Wow typed. "Let them millions be in yo face You'll go to Singapore and play GNR." Before 'Bron's official announcement, Bow Weezy did admit to feeling conflicted about James ditching the Cavs, tweeting, "Let's face it man. I don't want him to leave Ohio. But that's what we are about to see." However, the fellow Ohio-to-Miami transplant did appear ready to welcome the NBA MVP to the MIA and tweeted a picture of himself looking over the Miami skyline, with the message "Ay @kingjames Can't get views like this no where but ..."

Hi-Tek, Cincinnati producer and half of Reflection Eternal, also showed the baller support and tweeted, "Lebron I wish u the best!! #OHIOLOVE." The beatmaster couldn't resist a dig at the New Jersey Nets (a team that will eventually move to Brooklyn, New York), which was rumored to be courting the basketball superstar and typed, "BREAKIn NEWS! All bulldozers just pulled away from Brooklyn Nets Stadium! Lol." Hi-Tek even defended James against the widely publicized written tirade that embittered Cavs boss Dan Gilbert unleashed last night. "Wow! After hearing what CAVS owner said about Bron, I wish him even more success," Hi-Tek tweeted. "Pimp the game! don't let it pimp you!"

Other hip-hop stars tweeted about the impact the new Miami Heat, with powerhouse players Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and now James, will have. Cali MC Jay Rock mulled the dynamics of a Lakers-Heat match-up and tweeted, "KOBE IN THE GYM RIGHT NOW GETTING READY 4 [for] THIS 3 HEADED MONSTER IN MIAMI." Fellow Cali rapper Game said that the star-studded Heat might prompt other basketball followers to step their game up. Game tweeted that Miami ladies "are in the gym right now getting that body tight for the NBA season. SMH #futureBasketballWives." Virginia crooner [artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] tweeted that the amount of talent on the Miami team is unfair: "That's cheating all dem [players] on one team."

Fans of the Heat seemed pleased that their team is packing major star power. DJ Khaled, who goes hard for his city both on and off Twitter, typed "MIAMI HEAT!!!! WE THE BEST!! All WE do is win!!"

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