Kris Allen Explains 'Weird' Video Treatment For 'The Truth'

'There is a concept, kind of,' former American Idol says of the video for his next song.

[artist id="1941279"]Kris Allen[/artist] admits that when fans listen to his duet with Train frontman Pat Monahan, "The Truth," it may come off as some sort of romantic duet. But he explained that there's another way of looking at it. And he hopes that when the video is shot, that other, less romantic take on the song is made clear.

"There is a concept, kind of. I got sent a video treatment by the same guy who did 'Live Like We're Dying' [director Marco Puig] and it sounded interesting," Allen recently told MTV News. "So I think it's gonna happen. He's really creative. I really like him [and] it's a really weird treatment. In some way [Pat will be in the video], yes. The way that he was gonna be involved was not [romantic]. It kind of made sense."

Despite what anyone might think of the song's meaning, Allen says the fans have been liking it. "We played it Atlanta the other night and people were freaking out about it. I think people really enjoy it," he explained, adding that the jury on Allen and Monahan is still out about the song's message. For instance, when the guys sing "I still keep your photographs/ I remember how we used to laugh/ I can keep on losing sleep/ If you're OK with being torn in half," could they be singing about each other?

"We were talking about this other day. I think it's more of maybe an experience thing or maybe we have dated the same girl and she did the same thing to both of us and now we're in the broken boyfriend/girlfriend club," he said.

And if fans are hoping for some new music from Allen sometime soon, Allen says he's working on it. "I am, you know, a little bit now," he revealed. "We're in the mode and we have a schedule. There's a couple things out there. I'm excited about it. I would love to bring [the band to the recording sessions] if they would like to. That would be really cool."