Kris Allen Offers Post-'American Idol' Advice To Lee DeWyze

'Be humble, but get involved too,' Allen tells the season-nine winner.

Once Lee DeWyze took home the "American Idol" crown this past season, Kris Allen was no longer the reigning ruler of the "Idol" kingdom — and he's completely fine with that.

"It really hasn't crossed my mind at all [about what sorts of pressures I'm feeling now]. Maybe this is more of a product of being on my own tour and all that stuff that I feel like it's a little bit separate now from 'American Idol,' which is a good thing," he told MTV News during a recent chat.

But don't think Allen doesn't have gratitude for the show that made him a household name. "Obviously, I owe a lot to the show, but the people who have made it successfully off the show have to separate themselves," he explained. "So I think that's happening, and that's a good thing, and now Lee has taken the reins."

Allen has been out of the "Idol" loop for quite some time now, but he very vividly remembers the months after winning the show. And he has some sage advice for the newbie.

"I feel like I learned so much during that recording process, but yet I still didn't know a lot," he recalled. "I would just say, ask a lot of questions, especially of those producers and all of those people that you work with. Just ask a lot of questions and figure out stuff, because I feel like I would just sit there and be like, 'OK, you're awesome.' You know? Be humble, but get involved too."

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