Ne-Yo's 'Beautiful Monster' Video: Watch A Sneak Peek!

Black-leather-clad dancers, sexy ladies take over nightclub in first look at clip for synth-heavy track.

Father-to-be Ne-Yo filmed the video for his new single, "Beautiful Monster," earlier this week in Los Angeles and the Grammy-winning singer said the clip is just the first in a visual story he plans to tell on his next album.

" 'Beautiful Monster,' in a nutshell, represents the love interest/ archnemesis in the story [of] Libra Scale, which the entire album is based off of," the singer told MTV News.

"She's a monster, beautiful monster/ Beautiful monster, but I don't mind," he sings on the song's chorus. "And I need her, said I need her/ Beautiful monster, but I don't mind/ No, I don't mind."

The synth-heavy number is the lead offering from Ne-Yo's upcoming set, one he promised us earlier this year would be "a little bit different." And the sound of "Beautiful Monster" is certainly long on overseas influences.

When it came time to shoot a clip for the song, Ne-Yo admitted he usually accepts the treatments his directors come up with. But this time, the Def Jam star stretched, crafting a concept on his own, a career first. Going forward, the singer explained, each video will connect to the overall story he wants to tell through his fourth solo LP, the follow-up to 2008's Year of the Gentleman.

" 'Beautiful Monster' is one piece of a very long and intricate story," Ne-Yo revealed. "When you see the first video, make sure that you're paying attention because all of the videos tell a story. So pay attention — you don't want to miss nothing."

What did you think of the "Beautiful Monster" sneak peek? Let us know, and we might air your comments Friday night on MTV!