Good Charlotte Talk 'Family Vibe' On Bamboozle Tour

Band brings tourmates along on DJ gigs, where they 'party their faces off.'

By now, you're probably aware that the Bamboozle Road Show — the rambling rock circus featuring Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Third Eye Blind and 3OH!3, among others — is basically, well, one giant "bro down."

Yes, it seems that everyone associated with the 'Boozle enjoys the company of their fellow musicians, and it doesn't matter if it's the lowliest of opening acts or the headiest of headliners, they all hang out together, for reasons that seem to extend beyond friendship and into the realm of survival.

"Everyone's been hanging out every night, [because] the actual conditions of the tour ... definitely everyone's helped each other out, because there hasn't been any food," Good Charlotte's Joel Madden laughed. "So, like, the bands will all buy food and cook out, or, if we go shopping one night, the other bands will come on our bus. It's like a big, family vibe. We're all hanging out and having a good time."

Of course, there's also other human needs to attend to while on tour, like getting trashed. And Good Charlotte's Madden brothers have that aspect covered.

"Me and Benji have had a lot of DJ gigs in random cities, like once or twice a week, and we'll bring the entire tour with us," Joel smiled. "And we're talking, like, 20 guys that are all, like, 22 or 23 and they all want to rage. So we'll go and set it up and then they'll have the whole club at their disposal. They party their faces off."

And, of course, all that camaraderie also extends to the stage, too. Take, for example, the events that took place earlier this week during a Road Show stop in Pittsburgh. Heavy rain and strong winds forced the show to nearly be canceled, until all the bands stepped in and saved the day.

"The other night in Pittsburgh, we had walked up to the stage, and we were about to go onstage, and it started pouring down rain, storm, the rain was blowing the screens almost off the stage, so ... they had to shut the stage down, tie everything down, kind of wait for the rain to stop, and, the show got canceled, pretty much," Benji Madden said. "So, all the bands decided we'd play acoustic instead. And so, all the bands went up onstage, and each of us played four to five songs, and played some together and, most of the crowd stayed, and it turned out to be maybe my favorite show of the tour. It felt really special, like one of those rock and roll moments where everybody there won't forget it."