All Time Low Enjoy 'Bro-in' Down' On Bamboozle Roadshow

The band describes the casual attitude of touring with Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind and others.

[artist id="2121977"]All Time Low[/artist] are having a pretty good summer. The boys from Baltimore have been spending the last month on the Bamboozle Roadshow, where they've met some of their idols, gotten love from their legions of fans and, as the band puts it, done a lot of "bro-in' down."

ATL took a break from the sweltering heat at the Philadelphia stop of the Roadshow last Sunday to talk to MTV News about the experience of traveling cross-country with Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Third Eye Blind (among many others). "It's been great, so much fun," lead singer Alex Gaskarth gushed. "All the bands have been hanging out, bro-in' down, as they say."

Summer festivals in America are typically dominated by one-off weekend shows, like Bonnaroo, Coachella and Lollapalooza, but a travelling show like this one creates a uniquely intimate atmosphere that the ATL guys have enjoyed. "It's festival style, so it feels like a shrunken version of the Warp Tour almost," Gaskarth said. Lead guitarist Jack Barakat cut in, "It's weird, 'cause if we don't hang out, [Third Eye Blind frontman] Stephan Jenkins gets really mad and starts yelling."

The consensus all around is that what makes this tour so much fun is the casual attitude all the headlining bands share. When asked about who's made an impact on them so far this tour, Alex was quick to answer, "The Good Charlotte guys throughout the tour have been awesome to us."

Barakat agreed, saying the Madden brothers "have been like our fathers almost."

"Our big brothers," Gaskarth countered. Finally, drummer Rian Dawson settled the friendly debate. "Uncles, we'll call it," he said. "That's somewhere in between brother and father."

Whatever the relationship between the bands, it's clear that All Time Low are having a blast on the tour.

MTV News will be hitting the Bamboozle Roadshow again this week, so check back in for more from your favorite bands on the tour.

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