Kristen Stewart 'Excited' About 'Breaking Dawn' Being Two Movies

'It would have lacked so much because you couldn't cram the story into one,' the 'Eclipse' star says.

Long overdue weddings, unexpected pregnancies, vicious vampire wars: With so much ground to cover, how could "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" possibly have satisfied fans with just one movie?

Frankly, it probably couldn't have, which is why Summit Entertainment announced that the final "Twilight" chapter, "Breaking Dawn," would be split into two separate movies. The decision to have the film unfold in two parts brings a sigh of relief not only from fans of the supernatural romance series, but also from many of the series' cast and crew members. Kristen Stewart told MTV News that she was thrilled to hear "Breaking Dawn" would get a two-part treatment.

"I'm really excited," Stewart said when we spoke with her as she promoted "Eclipse." "I didn't want to read the script that was just one [movie]. It would have lacked so much because you just couldn't cram the story into one. At least that was my opinion, so I'm really excited."

And Stewart has many reasons to be excited. Her character Bella goes through some dramatic transformations over the course of this final story. Stewart's Bella finally marries Pattinson's Edward and gives birth to their human-vampire hybrid baby, Renesmee Cullen. And perhaps most incredibly, Bella becomes a vampire herself. For Stewart, the "Breaking Dawn" story line is also pivotal because it's where the Forks teen comes into womanhood.

"She's a woman now and it blows my mind," Stewart said of reprising her role as Bella one last time. "It's going to be a completely different person to play. She's like a matriarch now. She's the strongest vampire, she literally can protect everyone. She's literally impenetrable. I'm most excited about seeing Renesmee. It should be interesting, all of that stuff."

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