Kristen Stewart Says 'The Love Triangle Is Real' In 'Eclipse'

'It took a while for her to know herself well enough to make a decision,' Stewart tells MTV News of Bella.

We all know that Bella chooses Edward, but in "Eclipse," Jacob has a shot for, like, a hot minute at maybe stealing the would-be vampire away from her true love. Kristen Stewart said that's one of the things she loves about the film: Bella, now on the brink of making a major life decision, is finally empowered enough to feel like Jacob could be the guy for her.

"I feel like she goes through so many traumatic events, and when she gets to the end of them, she feels a little bit more righteous than she did before," she told MTV News. "A little bit more knowing and sort of like, 'I've lived. Take my word for it. I know what I want.' And nobody ever puts any stock in what she's saying."

Instead, Stewart said, "Bella's just sort of the dumb young girl who doesn't know what it's like to be a vampire, and it's not about that for her. This whole vampire thing is going to be hard, but she's a strong girl and she can make sacrifices.

"What I like about 'Eclipse' is that ... she really, actually looks at someone else, and it shatters her ideals," Stewart added.

So what does that mean for Bella, Edward and Jacob? "The love triangle is real," Stewart said. "In ['Eclipse'], she is just older and a little bit more [wise]. Now you really believe her. It took awhile for her to know herself well enough to make a decision."

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