Travis Porter Are 'Killing' Indie Scene With Proud To Be A Problem

Unsigned Atlanta trio say new mixtape is 'giving most signed artists problems,' in Mixtape Daily.

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Street Kings: Travis Porter

Holding It Down For: ATL

Mixtape: Proud to Be a Problem.

Real Spit: Strap, Quez and Ali are bringing that youthful energy with a club banger and the Atlanta trio have fans on the Internet riding for them heavy.

"At the moment we are an independent problem," Quez explained of Travis Porter's new mixtape Proud to Be a Problem.

"We're proud of it!" he added, acknowledging that the group has earned strong buzz in the South without the backing of a major. "It's really a good vs. bad thing. It's a good problem because we letting other independent artists know it's possible to be known and out there, just grindin'. It's a bad problem because we're giving most signed artists problems."

As you can tell, these guys aren't exactly modest about their increasing popularity. Several months ago, Travis Porter hooked up with Roscoe Dash and put out a version of "All the Way Turnt Up." Eventually Dash, who came up with the song, released it officially through his own label, Interscope. The Interscope version didn't feature Travis Porter, but included Soulja Boy.

Still, TP kept their movement going, releasing the Problem mixtape a few weeks back — the downloads were crazy. And the group is in no rush to sign with a major label just yet.

"At the moment, we're like a high school player on the verge of going to college," Strap said of Travis Porter's unsigned status. "We have to pick the right one. We have to weigh out all the options and pick the best deal accordingly. When that time comes, we'll make that decision. But at the moment, we're killing the independent scene."

Quez and Ali have a familial bond and they've known Strap since they were 12.

"Well, me and Ali are stepbrothers," Quez began to explain. "So we been knowing each other. We met Strap in like the 6th grade and made a group called the Hard Hittaz and been makin' great music ever since."

Travis Porter also have a short film out to accompany their mixtape.

Joints To Check For:

» "Feet Ball." "It was a random song with random thoughts," Ali explained. "We said something about our shoes so we just called it 'Feet Ball.' "

» "Secondary Girl." Strap tells the cold hard truth. "Being on the road, girls that we meet sometimes get the impression they our main girl. But we made the song saying, 'You're just a secondary shorty. We only really mess with you when we are in your city."

» "I Put On a Show." "Really, 'I Put On a Show' is a description of [our stage]," Ali explained. "It's describing us and the fans. It's our chemistry, how we be rockin' and the way the fans interact! When we come in, they're asking, 'Who is Travis Porter?' When we leave, they're screaming and yelling and taking pictures!"

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