Juvenile 'Drop That Thang' Video Premieres -- Watch It Here!

The New Orleans rapper shows he still has love for the curvy beauties in new black-and-white clip.

[artist id="508213"]Juvenile[/artist] premiered his video for "Drop That Thang" on MTV.com on Friday (June 11), and the New Orleans rapper shows he's back to appreciating the plentiful curves of women.

"Throw that thang this away, drop that, drop that thang," a smiling Juvenile raps over the synthesized sounds.

Directed by Daryn DeLuco, the clip is a crisp visual in black-and-white and finds Juvie joined by a slew of beauties. As the rapper gives a solo performance in a club, he's flanked by a number of buxom, dancing women, all moving to his "drop that thang" chorus. The track is reminiscent of one of Juvenile's biggest hits, "Back That Azz Up," from his seminal major-label debut, 400 Degreez.

"Drop That Thang" is the lead offering from his latest album, Beast Mode, which is set for a July 6 release. The album follows Juvenile's last set, 2009's Cocky & Confident. In addition to his solo material, Juvie has been in discussions to reunite with the Hot Boys — the Cash Money Records supergroup consisting of him, Lil Wayne, B.G. and Young Turk.

Negotiations have slowed the process, however, and for now it seems a reunion is stalled. Wayne's ongoing incarceration certainly hasn't helped matters. B.G. talked about the Hot Boys with MTV News late last year and lamented the sheer number of obstacles.

"I know Wayne's got to face the music with his situation with the system," B.G. said in November. "But we got time. We got a whole bunch of time to put the album together. We record quick. We already got songs done. But I look at it like, if we record from now until whoever gets sentenced or however it go, we still wouldn't be able to put the album out until [Wayne] comes home. When shorty comes home, I know he'll wanna record a whole 'nother album. So you might have a double Hot Boys CD. You never know. I don't know how it will work out."

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