Lady Gaga Rocks Bikini, Flips The Bird At Mets Game

Singer retreats to suite after photographers turn their cameras on her.

Lady Gaga is a dedicated New York Yankees fan, but that's not the only reason she surprised fans, players and photographers alike on Thursday (June 10) when she showed up at Citi Field in New York for a Mets game. Sporting her trademark wardrobe choices, the singer arrived at the game in a bikini-like bra top, a large leather jacket, and, according to reports, a rather testy attitude.

AOL's Popeater received photographic evidence of the Lady via a Twitter photo sent in by Mets fan Jimmie Kassab. In the photo, Gaga looks slightly perturbed and is pointing accusingly at two gentlemen standing near her VIP seats behind home plate.

According to reports from fans at the game (including one humorous account from the father of a writer/reporter at website Jezebel), in the fifth inning, Gaga became upset when photographers who were at the game to cover the Mets suddenly noticed her presence and turned their lenses on her. Gaga reacted by giving the photographers the finger and whisked herself and her entourage out of their seats at homeplate to take refuge in a luxury suite.

Speaking with MTV News during the World Series last year, Gaga compared herself to Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera — a situation that's even more relevant today given the reaction to her latest video, "Alejandro."

"I've actually been making a lot of Yankee analogies in my interviews lately because I get asked, 'Do you feel pressure? How do you feel when someone says this? Or do you feel like you have to top yourself?' " she explained. "I say I do feel like I have to top myself. But I feel like I'm Rivera. I'm a closer."