'A-Team' And Mr. T: Why Original B.A. Baracus Isn't In The Remake

'I think that's a guy you save potentially for something bigger,' director Joe Carnahan tells MTV News.

No one can ever replace the original A-Team. There's just no sense in trying to suck on a cigar more intently than Hannibal, to out-bravado Face, to channel B.A. Baracus' matchless badassery and come out on top. The stars of the new "A-Team" flick get this, and they haven't tried to mimic their predecessors from the classic '80s TV show.

They did, however, get a bunch of the original guys to pop up in cameos for the movie. But one guy missing on the big screen is Mr. T himself, the tough-talking archetypal Baracus himself. Director Joe Carnahan and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (who stepped into the role of Baracus) explained Mr. T's absence to MTV News.

"My thing with T was, I brought him down to the editorial and showed him a lot of the film, and he loved it and laughed and was very supportive and seemed to really dig Rampage in that role," Carnahan said. "I thought, where T is concerned, if there's ever going to be a cameo, you don't burn your powder. I think that's a guy you save potentially for something bigger."

Of course, with the movie not hitting theaters until Friday, Carnahan was reluctant to say whether he's saving Mr. T for a sequel, but that's clearly on the director's mind. We'll all just have to wait and see how the movie performs at the box office this weekend.

For his part, Rampage sought to tailor the role of Baracus in a way that suited his skills as an actor while still paying respect to the man who came before him. "I'm such a big fan of Mr. T's," he said. "There's no way you can fill his shoes. He's the man."

And he's a man who Rampage still has yet to meet. Mr. T was nowhere to be seen at the movie's red-carpet premiere last week in Los Angeles, and Rampage was bummed.

"Mr. T didn't come to the premiere? I was waiting to see him," he said. "I never met him. I'm such a big fan of him. I thought he was going to be at the premiere for sure."

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