Will Taylor Lautner Be Shirtless In 'Abduction'? Lily Collins Thinks So

'I'm sure they'll work out something to make sure he does [lose his shirt] at some point,' she laughs to MTV News.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — At this point in Taylor Lautner's young career, two things are clear: There is a hunger to see him in movies outside the "Twilight" franchise, and Hollywood is all-too-eager to give the fast-rising leading man work. Over the weekend, as Taylor worked the MTV Movie Awards crowd with his formidable charm and trademark smile, his next leading lady was eager to talk about the film they're about to shoot together.

"I'm off shooting this summer for 'Abduction' with Taylor Lautner," said 21-year-old Lily Collins, most recently seen in the Oscar-winning film "The Blind Side," on the Lautner project often described as a younger Jason Bourne movie. "It will be a thriller with action, lots of stunts."

Sigourney Weaver recently signed on to the high-profile flick, which will be Lautner's first true post-"Twilight" performance (we'd count "Valentine's Day," but we blinked and missed him). Directed by John Singleton, Lautner stars as a teen who stumbles upon his baby picture on a missing-persons website — setting off a massive quest to find his true identity.

"Three months of hanging out with Taylor," grinned the stunning Collins, dripping with sarcasm. "I don't know what I'm going to do!"

But in the minds of many Twilighters, there's only one important question that needs to be answered before they fork over their hard-earned money for a ticket: Will Taylor be displaying that now-famous torso of his? "I'm sure they'll work out something to make sure he does [lose his shirt] at some point," Collins admitted. "Which everyone would totally hate, right?"

A few moments later, Taylor would take the stage alongside his "Twilight" co-stars to unveil an exclusive "Eclipse" scene and pick up a few Golden Popcorns as well. Many in the crowd would have gladly given up their black T-shirts for a chance to meet TayCob, and soon enough, Lily will be working alongside him for months. But, as she told us, they're already tight.

"We're friends," she said.

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