'Eclipse' MTV Movie Awards Scene, Shot By Shot

We break down the latest footage from the 'Twilight Saga' flick, before it hits theaters June 30.

Have you had time to absorb it yet?

No, we don't mean the MTV Movie Awards kiss, the big dance or even Katy Perry and Snoop. We're talking about the exclusive "Eclipse" footage premiered at Sunday night's Movie Awards. It's your best look yet at the June 30 "Twilight Saga" film, and now we're here with a shot-by-shot analysis.

So watch the video, look at the screen grabs we've captured for you, and play along at home. Because there's only so many times you can stare longingly at your calendar and scream: "How much longer?!?"

Shot 1: A concerned Bella, walking hurriedly across the Forks High parking lot with Edward at her side.

Shot 2: A wet-haired Jacob looking back over his shoulder at them. Gotta love the intense, moody soundtrack.

Shot 3: "Hey," Bella says as Jacob steps up to them.

Shot 4: "Charlie said you left town," begins Jacob, referencing Bella's dad.

Shot 5: "Yeah," Bella, with a hoodie pulled up over her head, responds. "To visit my mom. Why?"

Shot 6: "He's checking to see if you're still human," Edward sneers with an uneasy smile.

Shot 7: Jacob bites his lip but can't hold back. "Look, I'm here to warn you," he says to Edward. "If your kind come on our land again ... "

Shot 8: Edward gets all up in Jacob's grill: "You should leave. Now."

Shot 9: "She has a right to know," responds Jacob, softening his voice. "She is the one the redhead wants."

Shot 10: Bella realizes where all this is headed. "Victoria?" she asks. "Alice's vision!"

Shot 11: "I was trying to protect you," Edward responds. When is this guy going to realize that deceiving Bella does not end well? Oh, and check out Jake's intense "let's rumble!" face.

Shot 12: "By lying to me!" Bella says back.

Shot 13: Bella addresses Jacob. "You!" she says. "Why haven't you called me back?" Geez, the least a werewolf can do is text, right?

Shot 14: Furrowing his brow, Jacob responds: "I had nothing to say."

Shot 15: "Well, I have tons," Bella says, as Jacob walks away. "Hold on!"

Shot 16: "Bella!" Edward says, clutching her arm.

Shot 17: "You have to trust me," she says.

Shot 18: "I do trust you," he responds.

Shot 19: "It's him I don't trust," he says, eliciting a stare from Jacob.

Shot 20: Bella walks away in silence. Edward stares off, realizing he's done something wrong.

Shot 22: Bella climbs on Jacob's bike, prompting a big smile from him. "Lose the grin, Jacob. We're just going for a ride." He responds, "Hold on tight" — but holds back on any usage of the term "spider monkey."

Shot 23: Taylor Lautner clearly seems to be driving the motorcycle, but "Bella" seems to be suspiciously looking away from the camera on purpose. A stunt KStew, perhaps?

Shot 24: Let the sizzle reel begin! Various highlights roll, many of which have been glimpsed in trailers past. First, we see Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) being pursued through the forest by Jasper.

Shot 25: The wolf pack is back and not looking too pleased.

Shot 26: Jacob brings the drama. "I'm gonna fight for you."

Shot 27: The wolves, chasing Victoria across a canyon.

Shot 28: "Every move I make," Bella says as we see her kissing Edward, "hurts someone."

Shot 29: Coolest glimpse in the trailer? Ed and Jake finally throw down.

Shot 30: The newborn vampires, emerging from the water.

Shot 31: The showdown we've all been waiting for, with Jasper, Emmett and the rest battling the newborn vampires.

Shot 32: Shirtless Jacob, longing Bella.

Shot 33: More battle, and a quick glimpse at the Volturi.

Shot 34: Edward and Bella embracing.

Shot 35: "I'll protect you," Edward tells Bella. "No matter what."

Shot 36: The Victoria-in-a-tree sequence, with Edward knocking it over a ravine.

Shot 37: Title card: "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Only 23 more days, folks!

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