Mark Wahlberg Apologizes To Tom Felton For MTV Movie Awards Heckling

'Thanks for being a good sport,' Wahlberg says to 'Harry Potter' star after show.

Between the random kisses, show-stopping performances and surprise appearances, Sunday's MTV Movie Awards were full of wild and crazy moments. Chief among them was the presentation of the Best Villain award, which Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes and Dwayne Johnson were supposed to present. They were soon interrupted by "The Other Guys" stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, swinging from the rafters on wires after what they said was a failed attempt to drop in on the presenters.

While the failed pranksters were left to hang around, "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton took the stage to make a sweet-natured acceptance speech that Wahlberg and Ferrell unceremoniously heckled.

After the win Felton, being the good-natured Brit that he is, took it all in stride and told MTV News that despite the awkward chastising from Wahlberg, the win was "the most surreal moment of my life," he said. "I had Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell hanging above my head on a wire. So, yeah, I can't know what to make of that."

Wahlberg then suddenly came up behind Felton during the interview and apologized. "We were only kidding," he said, and patted Felton on the back. "Sorry about that, great job. ... Thanks for being a good sport."

Wahlberg's classy make-nice move left Felton a little giddy. "You've got that on camera, yeah? Evidence! We're tight now!" he joked. "We're thinking about [a rap album]. We got some TV shows we're thinking about. He wants me to be on 'Entourage.' I said I'm not too sure about it. We're tight. [Laughs.] I can't believe it. Amazing!"

Felton took to his Twitter feed to announce "a big thank you to mark wahlberg for co-writing my acceptance speech, we got together a couple of days ago and wrote that little skit." Then later clarified that he was joking, and that he was "a bit stumped by the situation but did my best."

Felton's fans were ecstatic about his win, briefly making the subject a Twitter trending topic at one point in the evening. Tracy, a commenter on the fansite Feltbeats summed up their collective enthusiasm with the following: "It's about time someone from ['Harry Potter'] won an award! I'm tired of these great films being ignored, especially when Tom [Felton] and others have worked so hard. I'm especially pleased for Tom because he is such a nice, polite, kind and caring young man and he richly deserves this award. You guys are great!!!"

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