Snoop Dogg, Ciara, David Beckham Drop Into 'Star Wars' Cantina For World Cup Ad

Noel Gallagher, Daft Punk and actor Jay Baruchel also mingle with aliens for Adidas commercial.

The Mos Eisley Cantina has always been a supremely freaky place to hang out. The dusty bar featured in the original "Star Wars" movie was populated with a universe of oddballs, from triangle-headed Hem Dazon to four-eyed Muftak, fish faced Greedo, fly-like Ponda Baba and long-necked Hammerhead.

But things get even weirder in a new Adidas ad timed to coincide with the upcoming kick-off of soccer's World Cup. In the new ad, a universe of famous faces mixes in with the misfits jamming out to the music of Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes.

Fitting right in, French techno duo [artist id="900"]Daft Punk[/artist] are the first modern touches, strolling into the fray wearing their signature silver-and-gold space helmets and black jumpsuits, pushing past R2D2 and C3-PO as they enter the bar. Among the first faces they spot, chilling in a booth just behind Hammerhead, are former [artist id="1139"]Stone Roses[/artist] singer Ian Brown and his pal, [artist id="1168"]Oasis[/artist] co-founder Noel Gallagher, who look bemused to be hanging out with creatures who party harder than they do.

The ad makes use of the original footage, including the bit where weary-faced human bartender Wuher grumbles, "Hey, we don't serve their kind here," a barb intended for the two droids, though it could just as well refer to the Daft Punk duo. "Your droids, they'll have to wait outside." After the Punkers look R2 and 3PO up and down, 3PO says, "I heartily agree with you, sir."

Actor Jay Baruchel ("She's Out of My League") is then spotted, hanging out and joking with some aliens before the Daft Punks sit down with Han Solo to discuss some business. Their conversation is interrupted, however, when [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist] waltzes in and snaps his fingers at the bartender. He demands a drink, as [artist id="1801883"]Ciara[/artist] chills across the bar with a pal.

When Ponda Baba gives the Doggfather some attitude, the rapper snaps, "What's your problem?"

Mush-faced surgeon Dr. Cornelius Evazan then utters his famous line, "He doesn't like you."

"I don't like him," Snoop snaps back, before Obi-Wan Kenobi counsels the doctor, "This little one's not worth the effort."

"I don't like you either," the not-so-good doctor replies.

"Well, I don't like you either, fool!" Snoop says, before taking out his light saber and slicing off Ponda's arm, which nets Baruchel a blaster that he clearly doesn't know how to handle safely.

Finally, injured soccer star David Beckham makes his grand entrance, taking the place of Solo and coming face-to-face with a pistol-packing Greedo, who demands to know when he will play again.

"Jabba wants to make you an offer to play for his team," Greedo says, before he's accidentally blasted by a butter-fingered Baruchel.

Beckham walks away, hands held up, saying, "It wasn't me."

What do you think of this star-studded "Star Wars" spoof? Do you have other favorite World Cup ads? Talk about it in the comments.