Katy Perry Was 'Ready To Kick Ass' At MTV Movie Awards

The 'California Gurls' singer also talks playing blue babe Smurfette in upcoming flick.

While watching the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, viewers may have marveled at how beautiful and talented a performer Katy Perry is. What you may not have realized, however, is that it took a whole team to make her a Movie Awards sensation. And when we caught up with her on the red carpet, she was eager to thank everyone from her vocal team to her fiancé to ... Smurfette?

"We're directly in the sunlight, so I'm melting," Perry told MTV News on Sunday (June 6). "After this interview, I'm going to be a puddle," she joked. "I could still perform as a puddle," she added of her "California Gurls" performance.

Truth is, it's the audience that Katy turned to mush with her showstopping number alongside Snoop Dogg. "The visual effort took a while, I guess. Maybe about a month," the singer explained of preparing for the stage show. "I rehearsed probably for like a week-and-a-half; I've just been rehearsing 'California Girls.' "

"I'm not really nervous," Perry insisted before the show. "When I'm nervous, that means I'm not ready. I've already had my vocal lessons, I've warmed up, I've been silent for about three hours — and now, I am ready to kick ass."

In addition to her voice instructor and choreographer, Katy got a helping hand from Snoop D-O-double-G himself, who had a kiss for Perry when he walked past. "He's a classic," she said of Snoop. "And to be collaborating with a classic is a big deal."

Speaking of classics, Katy's bright blue hair may have been inspired by one of the most famous female animated characters of the last several decades. "I'm going to be Smurfette; I'm so excited!" Perry said of the upcoming CGI/ live action "Smurfs" flick that casts her as the little blue babe. "I've never seen an episode, because my parents wouldn't let me," Perry said of the popular TV cartoon. "My mother thought that Smurfette was a little bit slutty, being the only female in the village. And now I've shown her: I called her up and said, 'Guess what, ma? I'm Smurfette!'

"It was just like one of those days: 'Guess what, mom? I kissed a girl!' 'Guess what, mom? I'm going to be naked in a music video!' " she laughed.

So, what will Katy do next to ruffle mom's feathers? Well, the latest rumors allude to a top-secret wedding with Russell Brand that could have the mother of the blue-haired bride flying to ... India?

"Well, the rumors are also that we're going to be [exchanging vows] in Japan. And I have always said that I wanted to be married and buried in Santa Barbara," she teased of her California hometown. "So, I'm letting people think whatever they want to think."

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