Les Grossman Works Overtime At MTV Movie Awards With Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lopez

Show's 'producer' shakes his booty with J.Lo, horrifies Michael Cera and much more!

Resident "mega mogul" Les Grossman has been working overtime the last few weeks. First, he helped MTV promote the Movie Awards with three terrific and twisted promo spots. Then, Grossman, who was revealed to be "the producer of this year's MTV Movie Awards," helped kick off the awards show with a special intro video. And third, he brought the house down with a showstopping musical number with two VIP guests. If anyone deserves a special Movie Awards shout-out, it's Grossman.

The intro vid kicked off with Grossman's trademark booty-shaking, after which he announced to viewers his professional mantra: "Movies are a marriage of picture and sound. My job is to get them drunk and to f---, and the illegitimate baby they make is called entertainment."

[movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="373803"]Taylor Lautner[/movieperson] are then revealed to be standing in the room, looking annoyed to be back listening to Grossman's drawn-out speeches. The "Twilight" stars ask why they're there, to which Grossman answers: "Two words." And his assistant finishes: "Bad Ass Cops." Cut to a spoof action movie trailer, in which Pattinson, toting a blazing gun and sporting a ridiculous blond handlebar mustache, says to the camera, "Somebody ask for a light?" To which Lautner, with a similar 'stache, aviators and a faux leather jacket, adds, "It's time to whip up some trouble!" and cracks a whip.

Other highlights include Grossman's purchase of "Matching Michael Cera bookends," with the camera panning over to a dejected-looking Cera holding a stack of books. "I want to go home," Cera pleads.

And in a particularly profound teaching moment with Jaden Smith and his father, Will Smith, Grossman and his assistant get in a few "Fresh Prince" and "Parents Just Don't Understand" jabs, but young Smith gets the last word when the two engage in a brief karate fight. Jaden "finishes it" and breaks Grossman's arm. Finally, he ends the bit by equating the awards show to a piece of coal he'd shoved up his rear end and miraculously turned into a diamond ... "Enjoy my two-hour sh--," Smith says.

Grossman's best moment came when he graced the actual Gibson Amphitheatre stage at the Movie Awards. The mastermind took to center stage, mic in hand, and called out for his buddy, rapper Ludacris, to sing his familiar song "Get Back."

Grossman then joined a group of female dancers for a little impromptu dancing, heavy on the booty-shaking and suggestive moves. Roughly a minute into the song, the tune switched to J.Lo's "Get Right," at which point Jennifer Lopez herself waltzed onto the stage to dance with Grossman. The twosome showed off some practiced choreography, complete with an impressive use of canes, and for the big finish, Grossman dropped down into a half split maneuver and popped back up.

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