Christina Aguilera Gets Steamy At 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Singer heats up stage with medley of songs from forthcoming Bionic LP.

[artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] got futuristic, funky and downright freaky at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, performing a supercharged medley of songs from her forthcoming Bionic album — which comes out Tuesday — that hit hard and probably got millions of people all hot and bothered.

She kicked things off sitting down in a gilded throne, decked out in a diamond-encrusted one-piece, looking very much like a 23rd-century queen, and began rapping the opening lines of the title track from her album. She then descended to the stage and, surrounded by a crew of leather-clad dancers began throwing punches while laser blasts resounded through the audience (bonus points for the Iron Man-esque light pods she wore on the palms of her hands.)

After a bit more strutting, Aguilera's dancers surrounded her, and the electronic thump of first single "Not Myself Tonight" blared loud and proud. As steam poured from the stage, Xtina belted out the chorus, getting low and singing for the rafters.

"Tonight" segued directly into "Woohoo," minus Nikki Minaj on this night. But that didn't stop Christina from upping the heat even more, breaking into a seriously sexy dance number that was made only more hot by the fact that her dancers were now wearing glowing red hearts on their crotches.

Not to be outdone, Agulera ended things by standing tall at center stage, the camera zooming in on her midsection, which now bore a beating heart of its own. The celeb-packed audience roared their approval, and Aguilera bounded off the stage — presumably to go take a nice long, cold shower.

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