'Jersey Shore' Season-Two Preview Teases The Gang's Miami Road Trip

New season premieres July 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Can't wait till July 29 for the "Jersey Shore" season-two premiere? Well, MTV News debuted an exclusive 13-minute clip from the new season during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show.

Starting with a short recap of some of season one's juiciest moments, fans can take a look at the setup of the new season and check in and see where the Shore-mates have been since the end of the last one. As an epic snowstorm descends on the Eastern Seaboard, the castmembers decide to head South to Miami, where they intend to bring their fist-pumping action to the topless beaches. Snooki reveals that "when she was done Snookin' for love, she found an amazing gorilla juicehead," with whom she's enjoyed a two-month romance. But she says she's open to getting in trouble, as long as the drinks are flowing down in Miami. "I feel like I'm going to be like a tornado — going from place to place destroying things."

After Snooki's juicehead helps cover her in self-tanner — which she astutely points out that President Obama has raised taxes on — she and JWoww depart in a black SUV to make the trek down to Florida for season-two fun.

Meanwhile, "brothers from another mother" Pauly D and "The Situation" hope to arrive in time to enjoy their pick of the plush Miami digs, but the duo make a detour in Myrtle Beach, where they load up on fireworks. Unfortunately, Pauly's SUV gets stuck in the mud, and although they pass the time launching bottle rockets into the sky as an SOS for AAA, it ultimately takes two tow trucks and a new pair of Nikes to get Pauly and Sitch back on the road again.

In another vehicle, Sammi "Sweetheart" announces unceremoniously that she and her season-one fella, Ronnie, have parted ways, and the two mutually agreed to be single. (We look forward to seeing how well that works out.) Ronnie in particular seems ready to be unfettered by long-term female companionship, although one of his well-wishing buddies warns him about "double-baggers," girls whose attractiveness is so questionable that they require the guy to wear a bag over his head "in case hers falls off."

Finally, there's Angelina, the self-professed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island." She announces that she's looking forward to season two because she's hoping it will give her a chance to "show everybody the real Angelina — not just the bitchy side." That said, she freely admits that "the bitch of Staten Island is back and f---ing ready to party!"

While Pauly and Sitch struggle to free themselves from the South Carolina mud, Snooki and JWoww arrive at a bar in Savannah, Georgia, where they try out local delicacies and turn down romantic advances. As they dine on fried pickles, a guy approaches with a pair of shot glasses and joins them for a drink. Snooki suggests that the guy "f---s his sister for a living," but JWoww is a little kinder, saying he does not know how to hit on girls. If their opinions seem a little cruel, take comfort in the fact that the guy eventually offers his own version of iconic Jersey fist-pumping, which more or less earns all the criticisms that they volunteer about him.

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Season two of "Jersey Shore" premieres Thursday, July 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Be there!