How Kristen Stewart Won (And Lost) Her Movie Awards Golden Popcorn

The 'Twilight' star wanted to keep the trophy she dropped and broke last year.

During last year's MTV Movie Awards, viewers gasped as "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart dropped — and broke! — her Golden Popcorn statue after accepting the award for Best Female Performance. It was an awkward yet endearing (and very Bella-like) moment, and it turned out to be one that KStew truly wanted to cherish forever.

Suz-Anna Dela Rosa, the woman in charge of handling the coveted trophies each year, told MTV News exactly what happened following Stewart's acceptance speech snafu.

"These things are pretty heavy," she explained of the Golden Popcorns. "Unfortunately she dropped it on these three spectacular popcorn [pieces] that are just kind of on the side. The popcorn flew off. But usually we take all the [trophies] back to New York and get them engraved, so we put it back in the box with the others and shipped them back to New York."

Fast-forward a week and half, when Stewart received her new, engraved Golden Popcorn. "I got a phone call from her mother, and her mother said, 'Kristen would like to have the popcorn that she dropped as her award,' " said Dela Rosa. "Unfortunately, we didn't mark it, so I couldn't give it to them. They were heartbroken. I felt so bad. She literally was like, 'You really can't find it? You really don't know which one?' I actually considered dropping one and then re-gluing it with some Krazy Glue to make it look crazy."

But by then, the "Twilight" star already had her statue and there was no chance of inserting a fake. This year, though, Dela Rosa and her team are prepared.

"We have actually have the prop master on alert that if anything happens to any of the awards, whether it's Kristen or anyone else, they are to mark it, put it to the side and not do anything to it and give it to me," she said.

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