'Hangover' Director Promises To Bring Back Mike Tyson For Round Two

'I've got to find something for him, because he's been texting me,' Todd Phillips says of Iron Mike.

Last summer's biggest comedy (and six-time MTV Movie Awards nominee) "The Hangover" knocked out audiences like an uppercut from a heavyweight champion. And it stands to reason that director Todd Phillips would bring back the first film's actual champ, Mike Tyson, for more sparring with co-stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha in the sequel.

Saturday night at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards, Phillips told MTV News that he's looking for a part that Tyson can play in "The Hangover 2." "I've got to find something for him, because he's been texting me," Phillips said. "I've got to figure it out. We're going to find something for Mike."

The director also explained that the focus of the sequel won't shift a lot from the first film, although some new characters will be introduced. "It's expanding a bit, obviously," he said. "There's new people to be introduced. But the core cast is still who it's about."

Since the completion of "The Hangover," Phillips reunited with Galifianakis for a comedy called "Due Date," which also Robert Downey Jr. Phillips said that and Downey commiserated about the challenges of following up a successful film with a satisfying sequel.

"I became really close with Robert Downey, and he, of course, did 'Iron Man 2,' and he's doing 'Sherlock 2,' " Phillips said. "And when we were doing 'Due Date,' he talked to me a lot about the pressure you feel when you're shooting that sequel, especially [for] something as beloved as 'The Hangover' was and, of course, as 'Iron Man' was."

Although audiences will enter the sequel with a wealth of expectations, Phillips said there's actually something exciting about that pressure. "I think there's another part of it which is really exciting -- [which is] when you're doing a comedy, can we do it again?" he explained. " 'The Hangover' really worked because there were so many surprises, and it's like, can we capture that again? So I'm kind of excited about it."

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