Zach Galifianakis Tries To Out-Goofball Ben Stiller At The MTV Movie Awards

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock make for an eclectic, tough Best Comedic Performance field on Sunday.

To call Best Comedic Performance the goofiest of all MTV Movie Awards categories is not an insult. Quite frankly, when it comes to being a movie cut-up, goofier is better, and this year's nominees include an eclectic group of performers who know how to make audiences giggle.

Before the awards ceremony begins Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, head over to to check out clips of the nominees for Best Comedic Performance — and you can still vote for your favorite through Saturday (June 5).

Ben Stiller in [movie id="375855"]"Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian"[/movie]

Ben Stiller is nothing if not put-upon in many of his roles, from "There's Something About Mary" to "Meet the Parents." But in "Battle of the Smithsonian," Stiller elevates his underdog persona to heroic new proportions, playing Larry Daley for a second time as he scuffles with literal armies of historical figures who turn the iconic Washington, D.C., museum into a funhouse.

Bradley Cooper in [movie id="369201"]"The Hangover"[/movie]

Truth be told, Bradley Cooper's appeal has as much to do with his good looks as his ability to make audiences laugh. But in "The Hangover," he provides eye candy and comic timing in equal measures, playing a teacher who uses his students' field trip money for his buddy's bachelor party in Vegas. Facing off against tigers, tasers and the untamed facial hair of Zach Galifianakis, Cooper reminds comedy fans that you don't have to look funny in order to be funny.

Ryan Reynolds in [movie id="349900"]"The Proposal"[/movie]

Ryan Reynolds, like Bradley Cooper, is certainly easy on the eyes, but his pedigree as a purveyor of yuks is decidedly more assured. In "The Proposal," Reynolds plays the long-suffering assistant of a demanding book editor (played by fellow nominee Sandra Bullock) whose latest demand is that he marry her. Reynolds is predictably upset about his unexpected nuptials, but it's a testament to the actor's talent that he makes his character's transformation from exasperated assistant to potential partner both believable and hilarious.

Sandra Bullock in [movie id="349900"]"The Proposal"[/movie]

Bullock has been a successful comedienne since the beginning of her career, but her success in the last few years shows that some performers only get better with age. In "The Proposal," she plays Ryan Reynolds' book-editor boss, a woman devoted to her career at the expense of everything else in her life — including renewing her work visa. Enlisting her frustrated assistant to marry her for citizenship, she turns the terrible-boss act into comedic gold.

Zach Galifianakis in [movie id="369201"]"The Hangover"[/movie]

Also nominated for Best Breakout Star, Zach Galifianakis crashed into mainstream comedy in a huge way last year. In "The Hangover," he plays Alan Garner, a "gifted" groomsman who inadvertently drugs his buddies during their bachelor party and sets into motion plenty of morning-after hilarity while they hunt for the missing groom. Galifianakis is not only the comedic catalyst for the film's story, but also the source of many of its most memorable moments and almost single-handedly helped Mike Tyson revive his career. Oh yeah, he also puts a pair of Blue Blockers on a baby and faces down a tiger.

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