Justin Bieber Fans Wait Overnight For 'Today' Show Performance

'For Justin Bieber, I'll do anything,' one fan tells MTV News.

On Thursday afternoon (June 3), Penny Noelle, 10, started standing in line for Justin Bieber's "Today" show concert on Friday morning. She arrived in New York from Springfield, Massachusetts, equipped with her bag, posters, money, a chair to sleep on overnight and a very patient mom.

"For Justin Bieber, I'll do anything," Penny told MTV News.

She's not the only one. By Thursday evening, hundreds of fans, including some as young as 5, had already lined the streets outside Rockefeller Plaza in anticipation of the free Bieber concert.

Megan Hazelwood, 17, who said she attended one of Justin's first concerts, convinced her parents to travel 17 hours from Kansas City, Kansas, so she could see him once again.

"I've never driven 17 hours for anyone but Justin Bieber," she said. By the time Megan arrived Thursday evening, though, the line already spanned a couple of blocks.

Most fans passed the time Thursday night making posters for the concert, singing Bieber's songs and playing games. Many families also got nearby hotels and took shifts standing in line throughout the night.

Joe Pezzino, who drove his daughter seven hours from Buffalo, New York, waited in line alone as his daughter joined some family friends at a nearby hotel for dinner.

"I'm keeping busy," he said. "I'm really caught up on my BlackBerry. I have no e-mails."

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