Tom Cruise Confirms He's Not Dead

'I'm a hologram,' Cruise jokes about online rumors he had died in New Zealand.

On Friday morning (May 28), as the good people of America prepared themselves for the long Memorial Day weekend by packing their bags and heading off to the beach, a rumor began spreading online that Tom Cruise had died. Word was, the actor died in an accident while in New Zealand.

But MTV News can confirm that the "Knight And Day" star is very much alive, and we got the word from Cruise himself. He just happened to be on the phone with MTV News on Friday, calling from London with Will.I.Am to promote the Black Eyed Peas' single "Someday," the theme song from the upcoming film.

When asked if he could confirm that he was alive, he joked, "No, I'm not. I'm a hologram."

Cruise clearly seemed to be enjoying the rumor. "I'm really alive," he said. "Did the Internet get it wrong again?"

When told how he reportedly died, in a plumbing accident in New Zealand, he laughed saying, "Get out." But he got serious for a moment to reassure his fans. "Yes, you can send the message out [that I am still alive]."

Cruise is the latest celebrity whose death has been erroneously reported on the Internet. Everyone from Britney Spears to Justin Bieber to Jeff Goldblum has been the victim of a similar hoax.

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