T.I. On Collaborating With Lady Gaga, Eminem

Songs are among the 80 tracks in contention for Tip's King Uncaged LP.

There can never be a lack of star power on a T.I. album, because even standing alone, the King of the South shines just as bright as any celeb in the music cosmos. He's recorded 80 songs thus far for King Uncaged (due August 17), and while there's no official track listing for the LP as yet, Tip did reveal a list of some of his peers who have been collaborating with him. None of those tracks, however, are guaranteed to make the cut.

"I'm kinda doing a bit of the sequence," Tip said. "Of the 80 songs I have, I'm trying to filter out what may remain."

Atlanta's lyrical emperor recorded a tune with Kid Rock that pays homage to Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" (Just Blaze produced that one). The-Dream checks in on "Show Me Your Tears," as does Keri Hilson on "I Got Ya Back." Tip and Trey Songz did a song that will probably be called "Strip." Lady Gaga has even laid down vocals for the LP.

"Phenomenal talent. Extremely proud [to work with her]. She's definitely that good. She knows what she's doing. She knows exactly what she wants people to think and say. She does everything that she needs to be done to ensure it happens. I think she's an entertainer, in all aspects of the word," Tip said of working with the Gaga. "She's a classic, all-around entertainer. A global star."

When asked about the name of his Gaga collaboration, the King couldn't contain his laughter. "See, this is the thing: We gonna go back in and record some more songs," he began explaining. "But the one we have right now is titled 'Lick It.' I think we both have a tendency to shock the world in a lot of different ways.

"I just tuned in to another side of T.I.," he added of his approach on the record. That song is produced by Gaga's ace beat man, Red One.

Tip has also been in the lab with his Grand Hustle family. " 'Knock Down, Drag Out' featuring Young Dro and Mac Boney," he answered when asked to reveal another collabo. "[It is an] up-tempo club record where we all take turns going hard. It's going to be a fan favorite."

Tip says he and Eminem have grown to become good friends and they have agreed on one particular song — which shall remain nameless for now — for a duet. "It's in the making," Tip said of the song. "It just hasn't been recorded yet. The song has been picked out and it's been agreed for us to do it. We're thinking a song that can definitely make its way to the club."

Tip also has an impressive list of artists come over just to listen to some of his material. Diddy, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Wale have all heard some of King Uncaged, and Tip says he's received accolades for how "big" the songs are sounding.

On Monday night, Tip released another single from his album. This one is called "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)," which will be used in the film "Takers." It follows the recently released "I'm Back." T.I. is also looking to drop his mixtape F--- a Mixtape on Thursday.

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