'Predators' Star Adrien Brody Talks 3-D And Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor thinks 3-D would be a 'pretty great idea' for the film but hasn't heard of any plans.

We're not entirely certain, but has there been a commandment laid down in Hollywood that declares, "Thou shalt not make a blockbuster in only two measly dimensions?"

It's hard to tell these days, as the likes of [movie id="334326"]"The Last Airbender,"[/movie] [movie id="342213"]"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"[/movie] and [movie id="342884"]"The Green Hornet"[/movie] race furiously to convert their 2-D flicks into 3-D releases. It's enough to make you think that no film is safe. Thus, we have to wonder about every single high-profile release in this summer-movie season. Case in point: "Predators," the Adrien Brody-led reboot of the classic sci-fi/horror franchise. Might we see those vicious aliens wreaking bloody havoc in three dimensions?

Don't count on it, Brody told us, even though he thinks the idea would be pretty cool. "No one's talked to me about that," he said. "I think it'd be a really pretty great idea. I don't know. I'm not in the loop."

Whether "Predators" gets the 3-D conversion — and with its July 9 release date rapidly approaching, we're fairly certain another dimension won't be slapped on — Brody is looking forward to checking out one scene in particular.

"The finale is probably the most dramatic aspect of most movies, but I think that as it builds, the stakes build, and eventually you get to that iconic face-off," he said. "So that's pretty great. I can't wait for that."

Brody hasn't yet seen the finished cut. Who knows? He might not catch a screening until the premiere itself. Will original franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger be walking the red carpet as well to welcome in this newest version of the series?

"I would imagine," Brody said. "I hope he has time in his busy schedule."

Brody's pretty busy himself. His sci-fi flick "Splice" arrives in June, and he recently signed on to Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris." But he seems excited about the prospect of filming a sequel to "Predators," if the opportunity should arise. He's less excited about once again packing on the muscles to play the part of the ex-military man trying to survive on a strange planet packed with vicious aliens.

"Six-packs are not the difficult part about it," he laughed. "There was another 20 pounds on me which I'd have to put back."

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