Mark Hoppus Compares 'Star Wars' To 'Twilight'

Blink-182 frontman says not seeing a 'Twilight' movie would be like 'somebody coming up to me and saying [they] never saw 'Star Wars.' '

The teens of the new millennium wait anxiously for the day they can hit up their local cinema and check out the latest installment of "The Twilight Saga." Three decades ago, that's how teens felt about each and every "Star Wars" movie. So when the stars, including Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, gathered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "The Empire Strikes Back," it seemed fitting to note that if you didn't see this film in the theaters all those years ago, it was kind of like missing part of the vampire series.

But first [artist id="783"]Blink-182[/artist] frontman [artist id="1349292"]Mark Hoppus[/artist] explained to MTV News at the event just why "Empire" is still such a beloved part of the "Star Wars" franchise. "I think that this movie has a longevity because it kicks so much ass, and it's definitely my favorite movie of all time. And I think that it ... has a really amazing second-act feel to it," he said. "It's really dark. It's moody. It's not just an action/adventure.

There's all these different elements that come into it. There's betrayal and there's discovery. It's a really great movie."

That sounds similar to the second act of "Twilight," "New Moon," which goes up against against "Avatar" at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Hoppus admits he feels kind of silly for not yet having seen this generation's pivotal flick. "I have not seen the new 'Twilight,' " he said. "I don't know. I suppose for this generation that's like somebody coming up to me and saying [they] never saw 'Star Wars.' "

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