Lil' Cease's New Mixtape Is 'Real Gutter, Grimy Beats'

'It's like a real underground album,' the MC tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Happy birthday to the one and only Notorious B.I.G. — the hip-hop legend would have been 38 years old on Friday (May 21). And, just like they did on the 13th anniversary of his death on March 9, his fans, friends and family will be celebrating his legacy all day.

One of Biggie's closest confidants, Lil' Cease, is not just going to play the tunes of his best friend — he's putting out music that he feels the Notorious One would have been proud of.

"Everything Is Hardbody, the first mixtape dropping May 21 [on] B.I.'s b-day," Cease explained. "I think that's the day for it. It was just the timing around when I finished it — I was like, 'This is a good day to drop it on. It's the time when people are thinking about a Lil' Cease or B.I. or Junior M.A.F.I.A. They're thinking about us on March 9th or May 21.' I was like, 'Let's go for that date. It will be something monumental, something special.' When people think of B.I. Day, I'm sure I come to their minds. I'll give them a whole 12-, 13-joint mixtape with some nice exclusive music from me.

"I stepped my game up as far as the lyrics, concepts. It's gonna show my maturity," Cease continued about the upcoming mixtape. "I took time off from the music just to learn it. The music is different from when we was up and moving with it. You gotta be persistent with it, make authentic music. I took it back to that '94, '95 era. Thanks to people like Raekwon, who kinda made the music authentic again. You ain't gotta do the dance music. I kept it basic. That real M.A.F.I.A. sound. It came out dope. I did all new music. It's more like a free album. I wanted to do something different with the mixtape."

Busta Rhymes, Cardan and Fabolous appear on the tape as well as some new talent.

"I got one I just dropped called 'Just Here to Hustle' with my boy Apollo Creed — he's from L.A.," Cease said. "We just dropped the video online — every site been showing love. I got this one called 'Yessir' — we about to shoot the video with my artist Cancun ... it's dope. It's like a real underground album. If you liked the first Wu-Tang album, this is in that mode. Real gutter, grimy beats."

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