Sarah Jessica Parker Reluctant To Give Up Role For 'Carrie Diaries'

'I can't imagine anyone else playing Dorothy — just Judy Garland,' 'Sex and the City 2' star says.

In the newly released"The Carrie Diaries," a written prequel of sorts to the "Sex and the City" series, readers follow a teenage Carrie Bradshaw as she navigates her senior year of high school. Now, with "Sex and the City 2" mania heating up, it seems only a matter of time before the book gets the TV or film treatment. But who could fill the iconic Carrie's shoes — as well as Sarah Jessica Parker?

MTV News recently caught up with the actress, who was promoting the "Sex" sequel opening May 17, and asked her.

"It's so funny. It's just been asked of me, of course, in the last 24 hours," Parker told MTV News about how she'd react to another actress playing a younger Carrie. "It makes perfect sense [that another actress would be cast]. And I would like to be generous of spirit and say, 'Of course,' and, 'I will do so if that is asked of me.' "

But Parker admitted she wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea, referencing another iconic character known for her shoes.

"It's just, I don't know. I can't imagine anyone else playing Dorothy Gale — just Judy Garland," Parker smiled with a nod to "The Wizard of Oz."

Parker can probably rest easy for now though, as adaptation plans seem to be a ways off. "The Carrie Diaries" author Candace Bushnell recently told MTV News, "It's not in my hands, so there aren't any plans at this moment. We don't know what's going to happen."

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