Sarah Jessica Parker Is Glad Aidan Is Back For 'Sex And The City 2'

'John Corbett is gold,' Parker says of her co-star's return.

In the trailer for "Sex and the City 2," the only thing more surprising than the girls taking the sex to a different city, Abu Dhabi, is that fact that Carrie Bradshaw runs into former flame Aidan Shaw. It's definitely a moment that had fans talking — and will certainly have them flocking to the theaters May 27 to see what happens between the two.

Parker said the second flick was the right time to revisit their relationship, even if fans had hoped it would happen sooner.

"That has been an outcry from the public: 'How could you not have Aidan in the first movie?' " she told MTV News, joking, "And therefore ['SATC' writer/director] Michael [Patrick King] went back into his tiny little room in the desert in California and wrote in Aidan.

"And I think the truth is that Michael really lets a story tell itself," she continued. "That he doesn't think so much about 'Will this or won't this please an audience.' I think he told a story that really is great for Carrie Bradshaw — or Carrie Preston, depending on who she is at the moment. But I sure love the way he brought John Corbett back, because John Corbett is gold."

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