Nas Says Raekwon Collabo Is 'Likely' After Missing Out On Last Album

'I definitely wish I was on that piece,' Nas tells Mixtape Daily of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ... Pt. 2.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Message to Green Lantern: Homie, make it happen! One of the great DJs in the game is on the road with Nas and Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley on the Distant Relatives Tour, and we're all hoping Green can convince Nas to do another mixtape.

"Perhaps," Nas said with a grin. "Green is that dude. I'm always knocking Green Lantern mixtapes."

Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives joint LP came out Tuesday (May 18). Nas also appears on Capone-N-Noreaga's independent July 13 album, The War Report 2. Although Nas didn't specifically record rhymes for the album, he appears on a track called "With Me." Nore told us the Nas vocals were taken from an old studio session he had in the vault.

"It's all good," Nas said about appearing on the album. "That's a team outta Queens. It's all good."

What about C-N-N's business partner Raekwon? Nas was conspicuously absent on the Chef's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ... Pt. II, and he regrets it. Maybe he'll get on the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder's upcoming Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album.

"It's been no discussions," Nas said about appearing on Rae's new project. "You know how the music game is. Everybody is out there grindin', making music. But his last album was classic. I definitely wish I was on that piece. So yeah, something in the future is definitely likely. That'll be good."

Finally, what's good with a new Nas solo LP?

"I talked to a lot of people I really like about my next project. But there's no one sitting there doing my album right now that I could speak of," he said. "This record here [Distant Relatives], I think it's gonna push me and D in our solo projects. I think any record we do, it's gotta live up to this record. It's gotta be as good or better. We set the standard with this album. I'm just excited about this record right now."

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