Nikki Reed Calls 'New Moon' MTV Movie Awards Nods 'Wonderful'

'All the actors love the books and the movies just as much as the fans,' 'Twilight' star says.

LOS ANGELES — While "The Hangover" is the flick to beat at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards next month, "New Moon" comes in a close second with five nods. And "Twilight" saga star Nikki Reed admitted that all the fan adoration still feels good.

"I mean, it's wonderful — [especially] when you make a movie and you have absolutely zero expectations," she told MTV News at the Young Hollywood Awards on Thursday night. Reed added that the cast had no idea that the "Twilight" phenomenon would resonate so strongly and passionately with their fans.

"When we made 'Twilight,' none of us knew what it was going to become. There's inevitably a certain amount of pressure going back," she continued. "You want to make sure the second one is just as good, so I guess we're all really happy and relieved. All the actors love the books and the movies just as much as the fans."

The other big "Twilight"-related headline these days is all about the business of making sure "Breaking Dawn" gets made. Rumor has it that Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are asking for bigger pay for the last flicks, but Reed declined to comment on the reports, nor would she confirm the report that she is close to finalizing her deal for the final films.

"I can't comment on my business affairs, sorry. I can't comment on other people, either," she said, but did add she had yet to speak to "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon. "I haven't, but I'm looking forward to it."

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